Vineyard : Meinert

The Meinert family’s heritage is of printers and publishers in Namibia and wine making has developed out of a personal passion. Under the watchful eyes of Martin Meinert and Brendan Butler, Meinert Wines make a small and personalised range of wines in limited quantities at the hillside Devon Crest vineyard outside Stellenbosch. Some wines started under their Family Collection project range before joining the ranks of proper Meinert Wines. The Family Collection wines are unique bottlings from small lots made for family, friends, loyal customers and inquisitive wine drinkers. For example, their La Barry Sauvignon Blanc was named after thewinemaker’s wife Leigh Ann Barry, for whom this wine was made as a wedding gift. The “La Barry” has delicate elderflower fruit with underlying grassier tones, but is unthreatening enough to keep coming back for another glass but also maintains the sense of “drama”! Yet another was introduced many years ago, at a dinner in Zürich by their friends, Peter and Jenny. This was the white Merlot (Merlot bianco) made in Ticino, the Italian-speaking (southern) Canton of Switzerland. Their interpretation of those Chardonnay-style wines resulted in the first vintage, 2008, which was slightly pink,  and was refused official White Merlot status and so it became The Italian Job. Now it has the brilliant clarity and brightness as one would expect from a white wine, and the Italian Job is now officially classified as a ‘White Merlot’ Generally, this vineyard soils are deep and well drained with high clay content, and the low yields define our wines. Vines receive supplementary irrigation Each wine is created with much thought and care to ensure uniqueness and individual character.

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