Vineyard : Baleia

Baleia believes that living soils lead to strong roots sprout nurture healthy vines to nurture perfectly ripened fruit. Further, through science and meticulous farming with attention to the details, they can produce grapes that truly reflect the terroir in which they are grown. The Baleia approach to Rose is a true reflection of their intention to make world class wines. Its easy to cut corners in the cellar and rose is the litmus paper to their integrity. Only the finest grapes, meticulously sorted and handled very carefully to ensure a wine is elegant and dainty whilst still portraying the site in which it is grown. Making Sauvignon Blanc one is often faced with the temptation of making something frivolous , upfront and flirty which results in very upfront wines that lack a sense of place. With Baleia, they have chosen to take the road less travelled by choosing texture and minerality from the site to portray the beauty of the terroir. As a winemaker, when you are fortunate enough to plant in almost pure limestone soils, with extremely high pH you can only start to dream of the possibilities. The incredible high mineral content in the soils reveals itself after a few years in the bottle provided we respect the fruit and treat the wine carefully. Wines are made in the vineyard and it is our responsibility in the cellar to trust the work that has been done all year and the terroir in which the wines are grown. We respect the fruit and play our hand very lightly in the cellar so as to ensure that the wines reflect a true sense of place.

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