Our Story

When some wine loving friends got together one evening, drinking and talking wine, they felt a gap for South African wines in Singapore. It was time to correct this with the help of their network of vineyards in South Africa and their taste for fine wines. The first consignment of was small and select, and consumed among family and friends to record first hand tasting notes and verify their provenance. This collection has now been lovingly nurtured into a wide array of select wines, each lovingly hand picked. New labels are constantly being tasted and selected to share with other wine lovers of Singapore as we go along.

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The Wine Safari promises to be an exciting ride which we will undertake together, tasting, assessing and sharing the stories of wine from the African wine producing heartland. This is a collaborative effort where your feedback will nurture our collection and in turn, we hope, our selections will rejuvenate your wine evenings as it did ours.